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Celebrate ghar-wali Diwali in Australia with these simple ideas

Missing ghar-wali Diwali in Australia? Desipedia has you covered

For us Indians, Diwali is as special as it can get. It is a time when families come together to celebrate love and happiness.

You may be in a foreign land here in Australia, but you don't have to give Diwali a miss. Don't worry if you don't know where to start. We, at Desipedia, have made it easier by accumulating some Diwali-special tips for you. With the festival just around the corner, now you can relive your ghar-wali Diwali in this country that you now call home.

Throw a party

Diwali is a time when most of us end up feeling lonely and missing home. Although we have settled comfortably in Australia, our heart yearns for those warm mustard oil diyas and the smiling faces of our loved ones.

You can turn away those Diwali blues by throwing an intimate party with your friends here in the land Down Under.

For that much-needed element of fun, you can add some party props. Rang Art Shop has some cool party props that will not only make your party more entertaining but also Instagram-worthy.

You can also be generous like Anshul who ended up opening his home to everyone who was willing to celebrate Diwali with him. Here is the post that he shared which received hundreds of supportive comments.

"Hi Guys, Diwali is on this weekend and it's a time to celebrate and enjoy with your near and dear ones. I know most of you will be missing your family and relatives on this occassion, as I did when I came here 2 years back alone. It feels lonely being here alone with no celebrations or sweets and I can totally understand the diff between India type celebrations and the ones performed here. I cannot match that but.. I invite anyone who is feeling low, sad or alone on this Diwali to come to our house on Sunday evening to share some stories, burn some sparkles and enjoy some delicious sweets (like you did with your friends or family back home) and make this Diwali a happy Diwali for you, us and everyone."

dewali celebration

Decorate your home

Aren't Diwali decorations the most exciting part of this festival? The ongoing coronavirus pandemic may not allow you to join community events or attend Indian flea markets this year. However, a well-decorated home will definitely get the Diwali vibes going.

There are several Indian small businesses in Australia that can help you with your Diwali decor.


For instance,

Elegance and Beauty in Melbourne has all the items, right from lanterns/akshaknadil, diyas, sticker rangoli and toran, to deck up your house

Ashlesha from Home decor Diwali Special has a unique collection of beautiful Diwali decorations.

dewali celebration

Wear traditional clothes

We Indians hold our traditional clothes close to our hearts. Don't we? We love decking up in our sarees and kurta pyjamas. You may not get many occasions in Australia to wear them, but Diwali is certainly the time to take them out.

Divam Collection in Sydney has a beautiful collection of Indian dresses. You can make an appointment to arrange your Indian wear if you are out of them.


Celebrate over food

Back in India, our moms would spend hours in the kitchen on Diwali to make a scrumptious spread. Although nothing can replace the proverbial "Ma ke haath ka khana", you can still enjoy some Diwali-special food in Australia. After all, it is that one legit day where we can allow ourselves a cheat meal.

dewali celebration

Several Indian restaurants offer a special menu with mouth-watering Indian dishes on Diwali.

A few Indian home-based business owners, like Faluguni shah from egglessbake, offer Diwali special firecracker shaped chocolates.

Durga Durga is another place where you can find your fix for traditional sweets, farsan and dry snacks.


Visit a temple

For most of us, Diwali celebrations are incomplete until we visit a temple and seek divine blessings. With a strong Indian community in Australia, you can easily find one in your city. Head out to a temple to kickstart your Diwali celebrations in the most traditional way. If you are up for it, you can even call a priest home for your Diwali pooja.

dewali celebration


Diwali is the best time to introduce your children to the Indian culture. You can involve them in decorating the house, video-call your family in India and teach them how to do the pooja. You can also tell them Diwali legends or folklores to connect them to their roots.

With the tips and contacts shared above, you can now celebrate your favourite festival in the most traditional way. For more useful information, download Desipedia app on your smartphones.

Happy Diwali !!

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