dewali celebration

Celebrate ghar-wali Diwali in Australia with these simple ideas

Diwali holds a special place in our desi hearts. It is not just a festival but an emotion strong enough to evoke hundreds of fond memories. While some of you would relate the time to your mom's Diwali special delicacies, others would link it to the warm smell of mustard oil diyas. It is the time when families would come together to celebrate life and revel in the festivities.

When you are in a foreign land, it is natural to miss this buzz of excitement and your families back home. The good news, however, is that there is plenty you can do here in Australia to celebrate this festival of lights. So go ahead and immerse yourself in Diwali celebrations with these simple ideas.

Visit a temple

The underlying premise of Diwali is to seek blessings from the supreme power. Head out to a temple in your vicinity to mark the beginning of this auspicious day. If you are a staunch believer, you can even ask the temple priest to perform a simple pooja at your house.

dewali celebration

Join community events

Fortunately, the Indian diaspora has a strong presence in Australia. The community is close-knit and organises events around the festival time. You can visit the desipedia page to get information about such events near you. Don't worry if you are new to the country. You will be welcomed with open arms and warm smiles.


Decorate your home

What is Diwali without decorations, right? Indian stores in Australia are resourceful and stock up Diwali specific items like rangoli colours, diyas, and buntings. Besides, you can attend Indian flea markets to buy little knick-knacks. If you cannot find marigolds, you can buy flowers in Indian traditional colours like bright yellows and oranges. With these decorations, your house will not only emanate festive vibes but your kids will also learn more about their culture.

decorate home

Throw a card party

There is nothing better than celebrating Diwali with your close circle of friends. Invite them over for a few rounds of poker or flash. If you don't want to gamble with money, you can simply play with poker chips or get creative with dry fruits and candies. You can serve simple finger food at the party or propose for a potluck dinner. You can conclude the party with innovative party-favours. For instance, you can get potlis to give your gifts like dry-fruits, diyas or candles.


Celebrate over food

No Diwali celebration is complete without sweets and good food. If you have a cooking streak in you, try to recreate your mom's mouth-watering recipes and tickle your taste-buds. Alternatively, you can order-in some scrumptious Indian dishes. Make it your cheat day and enjoy at least on Indian mithai as the final wrap up to your Diwali celebrations.


What about crackers?

The laws in Australia may not allow you to light crackers but you can certainly play around with sparkles in your yard. However, releasing Chinese lanterns is a more peaceful and beautiful way to bid adieu to Diwali.

You took the leap of faith and moved to Australia hoping for a better quality of life and career opportunities. However, being in a foreign land does not mean you need to move away from your culture and origins. As a matter of fact, you must embrace your roots even more to pass it on to your next generations. With these simple ideas, you can gear up for the best Diwali of your life.

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